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Create exams across your district or school

Make exams any time, anywhere, with any browser without any installations or downloads. Choose from over 180,000 questoins from our database across 54 subject libraries or create your own. Print your exams or create PDF files. Share these exams across your district or school as well as their scores and reports.

Assessment scanning and scoring

Our Scanner-to web technology lets you scan then see. Recieve instant feedback on assessments so you can immediately adjust instructions and pinpoint focus groups to help every student achieve even more. We'll even provide yourschool with individual class envelopes with your class roster and pre-slugged student scanning forms specifically for their exam.

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Generate reports and analysis

Reveal averages, raw scores, profiency levels, goals and standars, thinking skills, item analysis, growth reports, and comparison reports within your school or districts. Even group reports based on your criteria. Automatically assign reports to your scanned assesments for private viewing, printing, and sharing. Set up permissions to decide who can see your reports.

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